Saturday, October 17, 2015

"What Francis Does vs. What He Says"

Rod Dreher, HERE (October 15, 2015), contrasting (1) the Pope's words in his general audience about need for loyalty to the promises we make our children and his apology for the scandals of recent times; and (2) his appointment of the confirmed pederast, Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels as a Synod of the Family father. Sad state of affairs. (Disclaimer: Rules 7-9)

Then there's this piece, on SEX, which makes the Synod on the Family seem, as our contributer says, "like a sorority pledge drive": Rod Dreher, "The ‘Yes We Can’ Catholics" (American Conservative, October 14, 2015):
I didn’t need Father to remind me every week in his homily to keep my pants up. That’s not the point. What I could have used was any sign that the life to which I had submitted, in obedience to what I believed was the truth, mattered to the Church. The message I constantly received from the silence in the parish(es) was: You are wasting your time trying to live out these teachings. Nobody here cares about this stuff, so why should you?
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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

I apologise for all of the drinking and driving deaths that have happened in Iowa but this damn state is so boring to drive across that we have to let men drink and drive for who are we to judge them and, besides,alcoholic drivers are as loved by God as are those who drive sober; sure, drunk drivers prolly kill more than do sober drivers but the drunk driver has a dignity that must be respected by all and we may not discriminate against them for those who are easily bored and are driven to drink while driving are prolly very poetical and what sense does it make to discriminate against poets when the world is in such desperate need of rhymes. said Governor Terry Branstad today.

Such a statement would be no more absurd that the apologies of modern Popes who continue to admit sodomites into seminaries ineluctably guaranteeing that there will be a surfeit of future sexual crimes committed by queer clergy against adolescent males and, thus, more requirements for essentially meaningless papal apologies for of what use is an apology absent a firm purpose of an amended action instituted to correct the queer clerical crimes?

Dark Horse said...

>Snort< ,,,

ABS = friggin' halarius!

Lotto Loser Larry said...

Those who say that the Catholic Church contains the true word of the true god within it ought to add " . . . if you can find it." You won't get any help from the ministers of the Church. They will parse and deny and bait & switch you from womb to tomb. The only consistency will be their reminder that you are bound to support their flim-flam with the dollars you have earned through HONEST labor.

It is in this light that the Great Caudillo's sheltering of the Belgian pervert ought to be interpreted. Deny it if you want, Catholic Neo-Pollyannas, but the truth is that IT'S ALL POLITICS in Vatican City, and screw the chumps in the hinterlands (ie, YOU).