Saturday, October 03, 2015

October Synod preview: turbulence ahead

Michael Voris, "The Curtain Rises" (Video + transcript) (Church Militant, October 2, 2015):
It's almost here. The curtain is beginning to rise on the Synod Showdown. By this weekend all the delegates will be assembled in Rome, and the great clash will be underway.

Of course, those clerics and their fan boys who are agitating for change keep dismissing all the talk of showdown and clashes and arguments. They want to downplay it as much as possible. But for those who have been paying close attention to all the behind-the-scenes drama (and the not-so-behind-the-scenes drama), it's very clear that the dynamite has been laid, and all that's left is for the match to be struck.

There are cardinals and bishops and archbishops present in Rome who have made quite clear that they support giving Holy Communion to divorced and remarried Catholics. There are others who have openly lobbied for not only homosexuality to be welcomed and celebrated as a great gift to the Church, but others who actually have publicly stated the Church should begin marrying homosexual men and women. These agitators are looking for a way to overthrow Church teaching in practice while keeping up the appearance, at least in most cases, of not hurting it.
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JM said...

Not sure I cannot really get on board with all the voices upset about the Synod.

That's because I doubt a single doctrine will be changed or challenged. The progressives realize that tactic is not necessary or prudent. Look at Vatican II. We are constantly reminded the Council changed nary an iota of Tradition, and yet in ten years it changed so much Frank Sheed felt forced to address the question, "Is It The Same Church?" And he struggled to come to an answer of 'Yes.' That was long before NYC Cardinal Dolan's 'Bravo' moment about a gay NFL player kissing his lover.

The real damage has already been done, and the whole Kim Davis episode underscores that. Even when the Pope seems to affirm Tradition, the final message is so ambiguous ('Pope meets with gay couple friends and says he is no homophobe!') that whatever the church's teaching actually remains, its substances is vaporous to the the average person. 'Live and let love,' right?.

Likewise, the CDF could issue a document on the Care of Homosexual Persons that is actually refreshingly clear, but does anyone really believe that this gay priest was shacking up with his lover while his co-workers at the CDF were oblivious to the situation.... for ten plus years, in the frat-like Catholic community of clerical Rome?

The problem is not so much the Synods or the statements or canon law.... it is the cadre of leaders and priests who seem to either disbelieve or to have imbibed the cool-aid about 'Dialogue,' the recipe for which is being celebrated again with the event of this Synod. I am sure most everyone will be drinking it up.

This link on dialogue is helpful.

Even if it indicates wishful thinking in referencing 'That 60's Show.' We have not been watching reruns. The Church was busy cranking out new storylines through most of the 70s, 80s, and 90s as well. And this current papacy ... I guess it is a Telemundo copycat series playing catch up.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Mr. Voris writes about The Synod, all of its behind the scenes secrecy, and the intent to change doctrine via a pastoral praxis that subverts doctrine as though the Pope is not the Grand Marshall of this perverse parade.

It is one thing to cover the nakedness of the Pope, it is quite another thing for everyone to see the Grand Marshall Pope parade his nekkid ambitions in the middle of the street while Mr. Voris tries to direct our attention to the prelates meeting in some liberal alley; "look, over there, look at those scoundrels."

There is quite a lot to love in what Mr. Voris does but this shirking of his Conformational Duties is ill-becoming any man who desires to be taken seriously as a lay leader of men.

Mr. Voris knows of the revelations published at Rorate Caeli, among other places, and yet he soldiers on as if Franciscus is floating above the parade, as though he is just a giant Macy Thanksgiving Day balloon figure dragged, against his will, by this progressive parade.

Franciscus has the DUTY to stop this perfidy and he has had innumerable chances to do so and because he has not, there is simply no way of claiming this modernistic masquerade of a Synod has nothing to do with him or his agenda.

Pertinacious Papist said...

The confluence of the relativist, experientalist, and subjectivist 1960s with Vatican II created a "perfect storm" in western Catholic culture, which has been steadily eroding the edges of the faithful around the solid hard core since.

The present confluence of a western Catholic culture that has been substantially weakened by five decades of such erosion with the first pope to be ordained after Vatican II, who also happens to be a people person who excels in interpersonal affability and doesn't let doctrine interfere with personal relationships, we have the makings, once again, of what could become another "perfect storm."

There is little doubt that we are entering a critically important and dangerous phase in Church history, particularly because of the current post-modern ethos in which all the old certainties have been so eroded that, except for a small hardcore remnant, the confidence of the faithful often seems doubtful at best.

A time of trial is soon to be upon us, and none of us can be overly confident about the tests to come. As St. Paul said in one of his epistles "let anyone who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall" (1 Cor. 10:12). Therefore "hold fast to the traditions that you were taught, whether by word, or by letter from us" (1 Thes. 2:15); and "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded" (James 4:8). "We must do the works of Him who sent me, while it is day; for the night comes, when no man can work" (John 9:4). "Behold, I am coming like a thief [in the night]. Blessed is the one who stays awake and keeps his garments, lest he walk about naked and men see his shame" (Rev. 16:15).

JM said...

"Franciscus has the DUTY to stop this perfidy..."

ABS, what drug did you steal from the pharmacy? He essentially birthed it.I have said before, "Synod one the Family"? overblown, nefarious sanctimony form the start. And a rather smart and creative inflamation of the already overheated "TOB.' And to accomplish just what? The project is a scandal from its inception.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear JM Stealing RX from a pharmacy is far less sinful than is burning it down and so we must come to accept that those RX thieves have a deep compassion for Big Pharm, even though Big Pharm totally screwed the African AIDS patients in that West Wing Episode where all was revealed, in what they do but who, nevertheless, live on the peripheries while pharisees prattle on about breaking and entering and stealing and rules for what is it that comprises most of today's RX if not stuff and whatnot derived from matter originally created by God for the use of all (universal destination) and so why the condemnation of those needy men who, something or other, love and even compassion, in these days of murkiness and, besides, the United States still has Manuel Noriega under lock and key and won't let him do the Bossa Nova and such and so we must throw-open the gates of Mercy and also the gates of Antonio In San Diego.