Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The decentralization of the Church offends the Faith and common sense

Roberto de Mattei, Il Foglio (via Rorate Caeli, October 20, 2015). Conclusion:
The Pope admits the existence of a sensus fidei, but it’s precisely the sensus fidei of bishops, priests and lay folk, that is scandalized today at the strange things they hear coming out of the Synod Hall. These strange things offend common sense even before they offend the sensus Ecclesiae of the faithful. Pope Francis is right when he affirms that the Holy Spirit doesn’t only assist the Pope and bishops but also the entire faithful (on this point: Melchior Cano, De locis Theologicis (Lib. IV, chap. 3, 117I). The Holy Spirit nonetheless is not a spirit of novelty; He guides the Church, infallibly assisting Her Tradition. Through fidelity to Tradition, the Holy Spirit still speaks to the ears of the faithful. And today, as in the times of Arianism, we may say with St. Hilary: « Sanctiores aures plebis quam corda sacerdotum » « the ears of the faithful are holier than the hearts of the priests » (Contra Arianos, vel Auxentium, n. 6, in PL, 10, col. 613).
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