Thursday, October 29, 2015

"94% of Synod Fathers voted to undermine parental rights at Synod"

Alright, that's a pretty grim spin over at LifeSiteNews. If you look at the actual wording of the paragraph in the Relazione Finale that was voted and approved by 94% of the Synod Fathers, here's how it (paragraph 58 of the document) reads:
The family, while maintaining its primary space in education (cf. Gravissimum Educationis, 3), cannot be the only place for teaching sexuality.
Now when the LifeSite article says that the Synod Fathers voted "to undermine parental rights," this may not at all have been what the Synod Fathers thought they were doing. After all, the passage still states that the family maintains "its primary space in education." The only qualification is the harmless-looking additional proviso that the family nevertheless "cannot be the only place" for teaching about sexuality.

The implications of these sorts of documents are always hard to immediately discern. What possible can of worms does this harmless looking little additional proviso open up for Catholic families? The answer lies entirely in what our contemporary Catholic culture will make of it. See for yourself, and then you decide: Read more >>

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Mark Citadel said...

Can any Christian fail to be appalled by what is a usurpation of the Patriarchal authority here? Nobody outside of the family has any duty to 'educate' children on sex. This is the purview of fathers. I pray that the church is not actually advocating for secular authorities to have any legitimate role!