Thursday, October 01, 2015

"Nancy 'The Theologian' Pelosi tears the throat out of a reporter asking about big-business abortion"

As Fr. Z notes HERE. Start at about 14:00. It is only about a minute long:

She says she's a "devout practicing Catholic." But she won't field the most basic of questions about the natural right to LIVE when it comes to the most vulnerable of tiny, little human beings. The report's question is, she says, an "ideological question" that has no place in the halls of political policy and diplomacy............

Did you understand what she just said? It tells us all we need to ever know about the liberal shibboleths about "human rights" and "tolerance." Contemporary Democratic liberalism is about as tolerant as cold-hearted jack-boot-shod Gestapo agents pounding on your door.




she fielded the troll excellently



The troll was Pelosi.

Chris Garton-Zavesky



Aside from the appearance that you agree with Mrs. Pelosi, why denounce a reporter as a troll?