Friday, October 23, 2015

Traditionalists: "a sham of a synod," "suppression of majority view," "blatant deception," "conservatives try to resist while their views are suppressed," "synod's controllers' one purpose: to overthrow the moral edifice of the Church"

[Disclaimer: Rules 7-9]

So have we now come from the smoke of Satan entering the Church, according to Pope Paul VI's statement after Vatican II, to a clique of homophile apostates controlling a Roman synod?


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Sed Contra said...

At the conclusion of their report, John Vennari nails it:

What's going to happen is this: We have to look at what the post-Synod Church is going to be. Now that they've opened up all these doors, those doors are going to stay open and the manipulation is going to continue.

Barring a last minute course correction, this will be the issue for all Catholics -- particularly priests -- who hold to the words of our Savior. May God have mercy on us all.