Thursday, October 29, 2015

Is it just me, or do we seem to be entering a very weird period of Church history?

I don't really think it's just me. I think many of us feel it. Like Galadriel again. We feel that the world is noticeably changing. We "feel it in the earth." We "smell it in the air." The world seems to be slipping precipitously into a deep spiritual darkness as ominous clouds gather on horizon.

In some ways, it is the best of times, as well as the worst of times. We have far more solid resources at our fingertips than anyone has ever had in previous generations -- all sorts of biblical and theological resources, ecclesial and historical documents, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, publishers like Ignatius Press, networks like EWTN and Catholic radio stations for the morning commute.

On the other hand, there is a certain growing anxiety about the confusing voices emanating from the Vatican, chancery offices, local parishes, as well as from the debates in print and online about what is going on. And not a little ennui and general weariness from information overload and the taxing strain of following every unfolding story, scandal, or crisis.

Or, for example, this missive [slightly edited below], which popped into my email inbox just two days ago. The author is a self-identified former Methodist and Catholic convert, and he writes here, not with any evident regret about his conversion, but with palpable sorrow, perplexity, and frustration at the confusing state of affairs in the Church:
The princes of the Church don't seem to realize it, but their posturing before the world (most recently exemplified by their Synodical performance), places the whole Catholic project on a greasy plane that slides towards Alfred Loisy [an early Catholic modernist theologian]. Would everyone stop what they are doing and read Maisie Ward on Insurrection Versus Resurrection?And realize that she conducted the layman's definitive if now obviously premature autopsy on Modernism? Then we will realize that the 'resurrection' she sees is now being slowly undermined? Yes, "New Springtime," in a Church that encourages prayers to postconciliar popes? And who speaks for the Church today? Pope Francis? Cardinal Schönborn? Fr. Jim Martin? ... Forgive me Lord, but all I can muster right now is, "Wow..."
Pray without ceasing, my friends, and drink deeply of the Sacraments! These are our lifelines.




It's not just you. There are clouds of us witnessing the very same ...

Amateur Brain Surgeon


Not a few prophecies (Premol, 5th century) identify a time when a Pope will have to flee Rome (Franciscus seems to have already left intellectually and spiritually) after some period of time that we might now be in;

And I see the king of rome with his Cross and his tiara, shaking the dust off his shoes, and hastening his flight to other shores. Thy church O Lord is torn apart by her own children. One camp is faithful to the fleeing Pope (Must be trads if a Cross and Tiara are involved), the other is subject to the new government of Rome which has broken the Tiara (Paul VI?) ...This is the beginning of the end of time. (ahem).

Apparently there will be a time when we Catholics again have a king (Pope is a monarchial office) in Rome who will be crowned with a tiara (take THAT modernists) and even though he will have to flee (from the Cupichs and Kaspers of that time) Rome that fleeing with be followed shortly by an Age of Peace, the Reign of Mary (Consecration to Russia accomplished?)

So, we've got that going for us, which is nice.

Read and reread Saint Vincent of Lerins, abjure all novelties, keep the faith once delivered, and never- NEVER - leave the One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church for Jesus is, has always been, and will always be, the head of His Church and He has His reasons for allowing the election of Franciscus and for such men as Cupich and Kasper and, referencing St Vincent of Lerins, it is His way to test us to see if we live Him.

Can we be said to love Him if we split into a schism or in any other way abandon His Church?

Robert Allen


The enormous spiritual crisis facing the HMC can only be solved diocese by diocese. So think locally PP, look around you to see what's happening in southeastern Michigan and even our state at large (as well as your own heart, rooted in Christ HERE). Isn't that what Bergoglio wants us to do anyway? Our Archbishop is a conservative; the TLM is beginning to flourish under his leadership. (Who knows, maybe he's planning on gracing us by saying it one day himself?) I can't speak for AG, but vocations are increasing at St. Josaphat. And here's the thing: these young men are smart, REAL smart, capable of beating the intellectual garbage out of any Modernist (and that with and only with the HG's backing). The laity, especially and most importantly young people, are becoming increasingly aware of this blessed fact. I see their subsequent reaction as not unlike that of Plato and his cohorts to Socrates' gadflying- they want to be on the side of the Truth- the Light, not dim-wittedness. Bottom line: we have the TLM for the foreseeable future, I for one am as happy as a man can be. RFGA, Ph.D.

Joe Piotrowski


"Weird" doesn't even begin to cover it.

We are reaching a point where words like sedevacantism and schism can no longer be treated with knee-jerk dismissal. For the first time in centuries, the words can, or ought to be, at least on the fringe of rational concern over the state of our Church. The lesson is the ease with which this momentous change has occurred. And supposedly all Roncalli wanted to do was open the damn window!



Well said! I think some of us, deep inside, wonder if 2017 portends some supernatural intervention with it being the 100th anniversary of Fatima. In addition, the heretics and perhaps even our Pope, will be celebrating Martin Luther on the 500 year anniversary of the posting of his thesis. If you read Matt Archbold's recent post at the Remnant you will get a primer on the positioning of the heavenly bodies beginning at the end of the Year of Mercy on November 20th 2017. Could Divine Justice then take centre stage?

The rosary and the sacraments are our perfect weapon against anxiety about these things.



Go to St Corbinians Bear blog and read his post of early August 2015. It is about the letter to the church of Leodocia in Revelation as compared to the Church of today. It will go a long way towards explaining why you are feeling the way you do.



Pope Francis is such a disappointment.



The lickspittles that have overtaken EWTN and the NCRegister (mostly Protestant converts, constantly hawking their goods) are part of the problem. M. Angelica would be appalled at what has happened to her once glorious network.





Sorry, but what does "AG" and "HG" stand for?



Not just your former Methodist-now-Catholic interlocutor, nor you.

A bad spiritual smog is in the air, and people are mistaking it for the breath of the Holy Spirit. Buckle up.



Robert Allen - You need to step out of St. Josephat and into the regular parishes if you truly believe what you wrote. The average parish is Modernist and Charismatic. The biggest money maker in the AoD is full blown Charismatic and controls much of the pursestrings. Look what's happened in Sterling Heights with their Benny Hinn like healing missions. The parishes are not Grotto or Mother of Divine Mercy. As for the rest of the state, Saginaw still doesn't have a TLM.
Thank God for the Chaldeans for without them our diocese would be dying.

M. Prodigal


We must increase our prayer and sacramental life and TRUST in the true Head of the Church who is Jesus Christ. Go to adoration, pray your rosary, and always remain in a state of grace. This is spiritual warfare. Hand wringing will not help. Get on the knee and fight with all the spiritual weapons STILL at our disposal! Our Lord is going to intervene. Souls hang in the balance. Pray for souls.

Pertinacious Papist


Very good, M. Prodigal. Thank you.