Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Façade of "Mercy"

Cardinal Dolan to Michael Voris at the St. Patrick's Day parade: "Love to have ya!"

The problem behind what the eye sees may run deeper when one consider's Cardinal Dolan's Gay Problem.

In other news, there is an interesting discussion HERE of
  1. the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade (interview with C.J. Doyle of Catholic Action League);
  2. an interview with Paul McGregor of Holy Innocents Parish about the reason why Fr. Wylie was exiled to a very dangerous area of S. Africa, which involved not merely his defence of the TLM at Holy Innocents in NYC, but his whistle-blowing on financial malfeasance by Msgr. Francis Chullikatt of the Holy See's United Nations Permanent Observer Mission, in connection with the Path to Peace Foundation affiliated with the Holy See's United Nations Permanent Observer Mission; and
  3. the arbitrary hold put on the cause for the beatification of the Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen by the Archdiocese of New York (a.k.a. Cardinal Dolan): he doesn't want to release Sheen's body to be moved back to Peoria, IL -- why? because he wants the income from a prospective shrine to Sheen at St. Patrick's Cathedral to fill the archdiocese coffers with pilgrim's financial offerings? -- all speculations the Cardinal could immediately end by an announcement of his reasons for putting a hold on the beatification process.

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JM said...

The faith of the modern Church is that we trust the leaders, that they know best. Period. We are to get our sacraments, try to be good, and all will be well. Looking for logic and consistency in thought is unacceptable, since the belief is that Living Tradition means they Church and its leaders cannot err.We are not to be sheep but sheeple. Voris, by suggesting otherwise, becomes immediately unwelcome and an adversary of faith. Hence the Cardinal feels no guilt over having such a person ousted, since no matter how well-intentioned, under the new mantra Voris is troubled and confused. Its Francis' game plan as well. Traditionalists are not actually welcome.