Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Should the Jews leave Europe?" -- Unbelievable

Jeffrey Goldberg, "Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?" (The Atlantic, April, 2015).



Raider Fan said...

Man o man, R.F. clicked off this crap once he read Goldberg mongering hate:

The Church itself functioned as the centrifuge of anti-Semitism from the time it rebelled against its mother religion until the middle of the 20th century.

Typical boilerplate Christophobic hate from a neo-Con.

There is a clear break between Judaism and Christianity and after Jerusalem was punished for the crime of Deicide, Rabbinical Judaism (what exists today) after the destruction of Jerusalem, formed in opposition to the universal Church, the New Israel, Jesus created.

The rebellion was ALL on the part of the Jews who are Messias-Deniers, rejected Christ, and committed the crime of Deicide ,but owing to the profound curse (yes, Virginia, the covenants have both blessing and curses) and the corporate psychological damage resulting thereof, the first inclination of too many Jews during a time of trial is to blame the Catholic Church -its permanent enemy.

For the Messias-Deniers, the Catholic Church is always to be blamed for their trouble. Sure, it is childish evil but it stays forever young. The Jews are never wrong and the Catholic Church is never right.

All of the original Christians were Jews but the rulers of the synagogue (primary purpose was to prepare the Jews to receive the Messias Gal 3 ) belonged to the priesthood of Aaron whereas the priests of the Catholic Church have never had a connection with the Aaronic priesthood

There is no such thing a Judeo-Christianity; there has always only been one church and there is Christianity and its ancient enemy rabbinical judaism but we all know on which side his bagel is buttered.

Were he to write like some Jews do, he'd lose his job faster than a New York minute.

Raider Fan said...


Thanks, Rabbi. The Catholic Church extends its hand you you cut it off.

The Inquisition: It's probably best to begin at the beginning, with Moses, the first, and deadliest, inquisitor.

Moses, the 1st inquisitor ordered killed 23 thousand one day (Exodus 32)

Moses, the 1st Inquisitor, ordered killed 24 thousand one day (Numbers 25).

Forty Seven Thousand ordered killed by The First Inquisitor, Moses, in two days.

Non-Catholic historian Edward Peters:, in his work, "Inquisition" (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1989, p. 87),

"The Spanish Inquisition, in spite of wildly inflated estimates of the numbers of its victims, acted with considerable restraint in inflicting the death penalty, far more restraint than was demonstrated in secular tribunals elsewhere in Europe that dealt with the same kinds of offenses. The best estimate is that around 3000 death sentences were carried out in Spain by Inquisitorial verdict between 1550 and 1800, a far smaller number than that in comparable secular courts."


The Inquisition killed roughly 3000 in two and one-half centuries.

47,000 is more than 3,000. Really, do the math.

I doubt one in one hundred million Catholic Christians, say nothing about non-Catholics, know the facts about Moses as the first Inquisitor and how his record compares unfavorably to Frey Tomas De Tourquemada, about whom the vast majority of Catholics are ignorant and so they consider it funny to hear his name and reputation continually blackened

A William Thomas Walsh notes, "Moses put to death, in the name of religion, a far greater number of human beings than Torquemada did. Yet his name has been venerated by orthodox Jews and Roman Catholics alike, and always will be, while that of the Dominican monk has become a stench in the nostrils of the modern world, and a symbol of something indefensible." ("Characters of the Inquisition.")

The big lie about the Inquisition is aught but the Black Legends of the putative enlightenment continuously rammed down our throats by those who hate us and yet we lead the entire world in apologising for our defensible past.

You will NEVER hear a Jew apologise for what Moses did or say that his inquisition wa unjust; far from it, an inquisition is ordered in deuteronomy

Pertinacious Papist said...


Contemporary Jews are often as ignorant of historical facts about their own persecution as contemporary Catholics, thanks to the Protestant and Enlightenment textbook traditions about subjects like the "Spanish Inquisition." Thankfully the truth is beginning to edge back from the margins. Works like those of the non-Catholic Ed Peters (published by University of PA Press) and even the BBC recently had a piece saying that 99% of what the public thinks it "knows" about "The Inquisition" is patently false.

The same sort of ignorance infects the public mind (Jew or Gentile Catholic) about Pope Pius XII being "in bed" with Hitler. A couple of generations ago, prominent Jews like Golda Meir, Albert Einstein, and the Rabbi of Rome were publicly thanking Pius XII for rescuing hundreds of thousands of Jewish lives from the gas chambers (pace Bp Williamson)!

As to the rest, yes, even many Protestant denominations traditionally teach that the "church" is the "New Israel." It's Catholic Tradition. Contemporary Jews have a long and complex history, largely descendants of the remnant of the tribe of Judah (hence the term "Jud" or "Jew") who returned from captivity in Babylon, a mere fragment of the 12 original tribes; and of course, since Titus sacking of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, they were scattered in the diaspora to the far corners of Eastern Europe, Morocco, and Southern Spain.

I'm not much for Israeli neo-Marxism or the Ashkenazi class system in Israel, but there is a great deal I admire about many individual Jews I know and love, including a Jewish daughter-in-law whom one of my sons married against my wishes. Like Ronda Chervin (a Jewish Catholic convert and good friend), I pray for their conversion, safety, and welfare, as I do for all those I love who do not yet enjoy the fellowship of Christ's grace.

Raider Fan said...

Dear Doc. Thanks for your response. RF confesses his passionate reaction is the way he normally responds to this constant conscious guilt-mongering of the Catholic Church and the fact that our Hierarchy is complicit in all of this only intensifies the frustration.

Holy Mother Church could abandon this insane ecumenism that refuses to speak and teach the truth but it knows such actions would wreck the ecumenical gatherings and emotional high-fives with those who seek its debasement and destruction.

Imagine if Jesus and acted this way - afraid to speak and teach the truth out of fear His enemies would not like Him.

O, and we can;t forget that it was Pope Paul VI (he wrote the speech John 23rd delivered to open V2) who abandoned discipline and correction of error and who told the clergy of Rome that correcting error could still be done by the Church but that he, the Pope, desired to be loved.

Lord have Mercy, we are still following the I-want-to-be-loved praxis of Pope Paul VI and for what?

So that some day we can have a Pope appear before the United Nations and mimic Sally Field's speech at the Academy Awards; You love me, you really love me

Like you (and Pope Saint Pius X) Raider Fan too has friends and neighbors who are Christ-Deniers and deeply enmeshed in a superstitious false faith but that has not prevented him from kind and pacific relationships with both of his next door neighbors - we watch each other's houses, collect mail while the other is on vacation, cook for each other post-hurricanes etc but the Church is tasked with what Jesus did - Sanctification and Salvation and it is clearly fearful of actualisng those tasks because all of us know that it is the end of the ecumenical events the very first time a Pope begins to act like our first Pope and goes to a Synagogue and preaches Christ and Conversion.

That is what the Pope is supposed to be doing but all we get is periphery this and surprise that and mercy for the other thing.

There is NO courage in doing what has been done for the past one-half century + but we know what is jeopardised when one acts like Jesus.

JM said...

Ronda Chervin... An excellent and encouraging writer. As for contemporary Jews, doesn't even St Paul suggest that God's promise to the Jewish people somehow retains effect? I am not one to lavish veneration in Israel, but dI'd not a poor also say we are all spiritually Semites or something to that effect as well?

Pertinacious Papist said...


Agreed! Particularly about the ecclesial politics of our day.

On Judaism, Christianity is essentially the fulfilment of Judaism; as such, those Jews who remain in denial of their Messiah need Him and His Church.

Having said that, it's also interesting to observe, when digging deeper into the liturgy, how many elements are clearly of authentic Jewish origin. Christ-denying Judaism preserves only a few of these elements, particularly those found in our Old Testament: Psalmody, chant, etc. The outline of the Traditional Mass itself, vestments, elements of ritual, design of the sanctuary, etc., all have elements drawn from Judaism. Interesting.

Raider Fan said...

"No, no I say to you, it is impossible for a Christian to take part in anti-Semitism. It is inadmissible! Through Christ and in Christ we are spiritual progeny of Abraham. Spiritually, we are all Semites.

Yes, the Jews who accept Christ are our brothers who have Abraham as their Father but Jesus confronted the non-believing Jews and told them that Satan, not Abraham, is their father.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Amen, R.F. -- just as not all the world's people are "children of God," but only those who have Him for their Heavenly Father by adoption through His Son.

Who is it that have God for their Father, Jesus for their Brother, and Mary for their Mother? Those upon whom the Dragon makes war in Rev. 12:17 - "And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."