Thursday, March 05, 2015

Missing the point and enjoying it?

Jacob W. Wood, "Can a Pope Be a Heretic?" (Crisis, March 4, 2015):

"...[B]ecause God is faithful to his promises, there is no evidence that Pope Francis has committed the mortal sin of formal heresy, the canonical crime of formal heresy, or that he is even a material heretic with regard to any of the Church’s teachings, including the Church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality. Much to the contrary, he has said that he considers himself a “Son of the Church” in this regard, he has endorsed a traditional understanding of the relationship between the sexes, and he has condemned  the “ideological colonization” that breaks down God’s plan for the family. Sure, he has expressed support for the way in which Cardinal Kasper wrote on marriage and the family, but he has never publicly and definitively endorsed what Cardinal Kasper said. So what is all the fuss about? About something Pope Francis might do or say but has not actually done or said? Then why don’t we follow Gratian’s advice? Let’s pray for Pope Francis as earnestly as we can, because like Gratian said, our own salvation depends in many ways on the guidance he gives us as members of the flock of Christ." [emphasis Guy Noir's]
 Guy Noir remarks: 
The 250+ (!) comments are worth reading, and might be helpful in adducing what all the fuss IS about. . . . 
At this point Noir's hand-writing has become so agitated, it's nearly illegible.  In fact the color of the ink changes quickly from blue to blood red.  For all I know, it could be blood.  (I know: "too much information.")

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Anonymous said...

Incredible. I can't believe it's anything other than willful ignorance.