Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Early response to Lineamenta for the 2015 "Family Synod"

The response [PDF}, submitted to the Very Rev. Michael Paviakovich, V.F. at the request of the Archbishop of Denver, by the Rev. James W. Jackson, FSSP: "Vague, secular, naive, sentimental, discouraging."

[Hat tip to Caeli]

By the way, Guy Noir calls this "Pin the tail on the document" ...


Raider Fan said...

O, he is a real Priest who offers the Real Mass, no wonder that response makes so much sense.

Robert Allen said...

"(D)enunciations of poverty
stemming from 'market logic.' I have no idea what these mean."

I heartily agree with everything else Rev. Jackson says, but I cannot believe that he does not know that the above recommendation is a call, wholly justified philosophically as well as consonant with the Gospel, IMHO, for Catholics to repudiate Capitalism, the genesis and sustaining force of the Protestant heresy.