Thursday, March 05, 2015

A problem bigger than liberal prelates: those who are ambiguous

Commenting on a post about the aesthetic defilement of one of Vienna's great churches conducted with the apparent blessing of the local ordinary, Guy Noir writes:
I think Solomon is credited with actually writing Scripture, and yet his later life was tragic. His good chapters did not mean his bad chapters were not a problem.

Likewise, I know Cardinal Schonborn wrote much of the CCC. I know he is part of the Ratzingerian Inner Circle.

I really do not care at this point. In current events, his decisions and opinions appear scandalous. I think churchmen like him are actually a bigger problem today than the explicitly liberal ones, as the more profoundly obscure issues. Cardinal Schoborn may be a godly man, but he is a problematic leader. He represents the problem that plagues us: ambiguity. I fail to see how he is not now an Austrian version of Mahoney. And anyone who has visited Our Lady of the Angels knows all they need to know about the latter.

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