Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I guess none of this matters anymore? Check it out. We had this running during a single class period today at the seminary, and the amount that the debt mounted in that hour-and-a-half was simply staggering. I was under the illusion that the national debt was still around $14 million. I guess that must have been last week. But it's all just electronic digits, so it doesn't really matter, right? Right? Right? Of course the stock market is up so we're in the middle of a reasonable "recovery," right? Right? Right? Oh, that's all electronic digits too? Well what does that mean, then? He who dies with the most debt on his credit card "wins"? What a noble example our government sets for our children!

One seminarian told me that he checks this every morning the first thing after he wakes up, though I'm not at all sure as to his sincerity. Wouldn't this give you an ulcer after watching it too long? Or should one regard it as something more like a video game. Would any of you like it as a screen saver? Or perhaps a background on your desktop? Do you sleep better each night knowing that our dear leader has the best golf handicap of any of our presidents so far? The US Debt Clock has made me a bit dizzy. Think I probably should turn in for the night. Cheers. Have a restful evening.

Here's a video from last year, back when the debt was about $1 trillion less. Enjoy:




Isn't dept something of a Promethean Neo-Pelagian concept? Who cares as long as we can sustain creative bookkeeping and drive human flourishing? There is obviously enough money around, and none of the leaders on either side of the political fence show any real concern with curbing spending (or adjusting their high salaries), so how can there actually be any real danger? Between Bill Gates, Apple, Oprah, the US UN Delegation and Pope Francis, we are seeing the rollout of a universal New Springtime. There is plenty for all. I know Francis mentioned Benson's 'Lord of the World,' but he mentions all sorts of things...
Meanwhile, a liberal activist colleague just got back from a trip to China and said she had never seen poverty that matched what she witnessed there. I hoe there is no delay on the release of the iPhone 7...



Since most of it is "funny money" created by the US gov't and owed to the taxpayers of that gov't (t-bills, t-notes, etc.) it really isn't a "real" number.

At some point, everyone will declare a mulligan. It'll get ugly for a while. But life will go on as before.

It's not like this hasn't happened before.

Pertinacious Papist


What a relief. I'll sleep better now, know it doesn't really matter.

Too bad we can't do this with our own debt limits, eh?