Friday, March 13, 2015

"Is Obama Really a Christian?"

Do you think we still live in a day that "Christian" is used for its honorific connotative benefits, like "Ladies" and "Gentlemen"? Even if a candidate may use it in that way to garner the support of a certain electoral base, this is hardly the case anymore: to be "Christian" is to be a fundamentalist idiot or worse, and to be a Catholic is to be a crypto pedophile with your head stuck in the medieval Inquisition. Something like that. Soon it will be Christians that need to petition for affirmative action; but they won't get it. They're likelier to have their heads served up on a silver platter.

Nevertheless, the following is a candid and measured piece sent to me by a reader, who observed, among other things, that one question the author did not explore is the question how far the Modernism represented by the UCC has also influenced bliefs of average Christians and entire denominations. Reading the piece, he suggested, one might even ask how very different Obama's statements sound from those of many Catholic bishops, from Rome to Timbuktu (which probably has none):

David French, "Is Obama Really a Christian" (National Review, March 23, 2015).

[Hat tip to JM]

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