Monday, March 02, 2015

Rhetoric and reality: Caving

A reader writes:
  • 2004 - "Pell explains no reply to lesbian cousin" (Catholic News, March 4, 2004): "Cardinal George Pell has told The Bulletin magazine that he failed to reply to letters seeking acceptance from his lesbian second cousin Monica Hingston because he felt cornered and wanted to avoid an argument."
  • 2005 - "The Cardinal's Cousin" (Ozfille's Blog, April 17, 2005): "A former nun and lesbian, Sister Monica Hingston confronts the Catholic Church’s attitude to homosexuality, by making public a letter to it’s leader in Australia, Cardinal George Pell, who also happens to be her cousin.... Last year in the Melbourne Age, Monica Hingston asked her cousin Cardinal George Pell to look her in the eye and call her 'corrupt, debased, vicious, vile and wicked'."
  • 2013 - Then the capper, “Who am I too judge…

    "It’s all clear to me. Is it clear to you? OK, good, now, help me summarize it!: As someone who has dealt with this up-close-and-personal, the current state of dialog is close to insulting. People who have sacrificed much no that 'the Church's teaching' [as people actually hear it] is anything BUT clear, and judgement is an urgent necessity. Our leaders may be unwillingly complicit, but make no mistake -- they are encouraging mortal sin. The Pope, The Vatican -- they have in fact forfeited the normal high ground."
Strong words. Sobering words. Call for prayer and penance.

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Raider Fan said...

While one wonders just how many amongst the Hierarchy are actually the Daughters of Trent, there is no denying that the clerical sodomites have succeeded in subverting Catholic Doctrine which was to be expected for sodomites are, by nature, subversive and they will not stop subverting the anti-sodomitic doctrines and orthopraxis of any organisation stupid enough to not only accept them as unrepentant members but spiritually suicidal enough to elevate them to positions of authority.

There are very very few masculine men left in the Hierarchy; sure, males have complete and total numerical control of the Catholic Hierarchy but few of them are masculine men unafraid to call a sodomite a sodomite to say nothing about quailing in fear before some shrieking xanthippes of Oz.

Heaven forfend a man actually tells a vow-breaking sodomite the truth; that might hurt her feelings - better let her feel justified in her actions as she processes down the path to perdition unopposed.

There are nine ways one can be complicit in the sins of others and this Cardinal used to know these - he is old enough to have been learnt them.

The nine wears of being complicit in another's sin

Counsel, command, concealment, consent, flattery, partaking, praise, provocation SILENCE

So, when a real Catholic man hears any prelate aver, Who am I to judge? he understands such a statement as a confession of complicity in the sins of another.