Sunday, August 16, 2015

Who's afraid of the October Synod?

The mainstream Voice of the Family group has amassed a collection of articles anticipating the October Synod this fall that raises serious concerns about where things are heading. Here are some examples: Here are some quotes from the second post listed above:
John Smeaton, co-founder of Voice of the Family, said: “The Instrumentum Laboris threatens the entire structure of Catholic teaching on marriage, the family and human sexuality.

“The document undermines the doctrine of Humanae Vitae on contraception, is neutral on the killing of unborn children by IVF, and prepares the ground for Church acceptance of cohabitation and same-sex unions.

“The Instrumentum Laboris also resurrects the discredited Kasper proposals for Holy Communion for unrepentant adulterers, reduces the indissolubility of marriage to a mere ‘ideal’, and undermines the position of parents as their children’s primary educators.”

Mr Smeaton continued: “Voice of the Family urges Catholics not to be complacent or give in to a false sense of obedience, in the face of attacks on the fundamental principles of the natural law.

“Catholics have a duty to oppose the direction being taken at the Synod. If that direction is not reversed, the greatest victims will be those who are most vulnerable, especially children, born and unborn”, concluded Mr Smeaton.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

As then-Cardinal Ratzinger explained in a 1983 letter to Lutheran Bishop Johannes Hanselmann, “I count among the most important results of the ecumenical dialogues the insight that the issue of the eucharist cannot be narrowed to the problem of ‘validity.’ Even a theology oriented to the concept of succession, such as that which holds in the Catholic and in the Orthodox church, need not in any way deny the salvation-granting presence of the Lord in a Lutheran Lord’s Supper

This is a copy and paste from Shameless Popery and it is illustrative of just how solidly material heresy has become part and parcel of our Faith - even if it is not formally promoted.

Given that reality, there is nothing that can be done with the agenda of Franciscus. He is quite willful and he will have his perverted agenda actualised at the Synod.

O, and the reality the faithful must petition the putative Pope is a striking indication of just how far we have fallen and how dire is our situation.

JM said...

Really nothing has changed. No doctrine will officially be changed. Just as no heresies were officially rebuked previously. Note that even Benedict XVI/Ratzinger said JPIIs edict on male priests was *not* infallible. In a word, WTF? This is the logical outworking of a generation of clerics who do not seem to actually believe in doctrine as decisive, or hierarchs as able to utter anything definitive since the Marian dogmas. Its all opaque and grey, whether it is JPII or Francis. we are lost in a post-modernistic haze. But hey, no problem, let's canonize some social worker. It's all good!

Paul Borealis said...

Thanks. Lots to be depressed about. Seriously.

I thought you and others might find this article of interest:

Maltese bishop: remove ‘barriers’ to those who have remarried outside the Church Catholic World News - August 21, 2015