Thursday, August 27, 2015

Book Review: Pre-Synod Book "Eleven Cardinals Speak on Marriage and the Family"

Exclusive at Rorate Caeli (August 25, 2015).

Eleven Cardinals Defend Traditional Catholic Moral Teaching on Marriage and the Family , a book review by Dr. Maike Hickson. [The book will be available from Ignatius Press in September.]

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Anonymous said...

IGNATIUS PRESS! The usual cheerleader for Francis.

You KNOW things are uneasy when even they feel compelled to publish the naysayers.

A quite different world from the heydays of Vatican II and Fr. Xavier Rhynne. Thank Heaven...

The 'census fidelium' may yet preserve us from Pope Francis' zealous .... extremes. Yes, I think that is a charitable way to put it.
Let's pray for The Church. And the patience to suffer fools with empathy.