Saturday, August 15, 2015

Friday Aug. 14th CM Headline News

See online video summary HERE.
  • Bishop: 'False Prophets Inside the Church'
    "A certain clerical pressure group" is pushing a politically correct Marxist agenda. FULL STORY COMING SOON
  • Head of Pope's Gang of Nine to Lead Conference Attacking Church Doctrine
    Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga will be part of a "Shadow Council II." FULL STORY COMING SOON
  • CO Court Rules Against Christian Baker
    Rules Christian man must bake cakes for gay weddings. FULL STORY COMING SOON
  • Bishop Condemns Sodomy, Apologizes
    He still faces criminal complaints. FULL STORY
  • 11-Year-Old Paraguayan Girl Gives Birth
    She's been the center of an abortion fight in the conservative country.

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