Friday, August 14, 2015

Catechesis and the Average Catholic

Ever wonder what the “average American Catholic” looks like?

The reference to this piece in the New Oxford Review was sent to me by Guy Noir - Private Eye, who quite rightly asserts that the Sheen quote at the end is worth the whole piece!
“In religious matters, the modern world believes in indifference. Very simply, this means it has no great loves and no great hates; no causes worth living for and no causes worth dying for. It counts its virtues by the vices from which it abstains, asks that religion be easy and pleasant,…dislikes enthusiasm and loves benevolence, makes elegance the test of virtue and hygiene the test of morality, believes that one may be too religious but never too refined. It holds that no one ever loses his soul, except for some great and foul crime such as murder. Briefly, the indifference of the world includes no true fear of God, no fervent zeal for His honor, no deep hatred of sin, and no great concern for eternal salvation.”— Fulton J. Sheen

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