Monday, August 31, 2015

Slouching toward the Synod ...

With the October Synod only a month away, one wonders what the rival factions are preparing in the wings. One recalls the secret meetings of the revisionist Teutonic bishops in Rome, and the recent publication of the defense of traditional marriage doctrine by eleven cardinals, like a gauntlet thrown at their feet. Should be interesting, to say the least.

From Michael Voris one has, as one should expect, this robust anticipation of the battle ahead with greetings and solicitations for support.

On the other hand, from a far different quarter, one has Amateur Brain Surgeon [TM] and this rollicking jaunt through fantasy land.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Doc. ABS loves it when you take note of his crummy blog and he loves it even more when you provide a link :)

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Thanks, Doc.

O, and there is this re. Sodomy and Our Pope and Our Cross. This is a quote pulled from the letter of Pope Leo to Saint Peter Damien in response to his, Book of Gomorrah):

For he who does not attack vice, but deals lightly with it (sodomy), is rightly judged to be guilty of his death, along with the one who dies in sin

Dear Mercy, mercy, me'ers; put that in your Mercy Pipe and smoke it.

Much of Damien's book can be read online for free