Monday, August 24, 2015

Africa isn't buying Obama's sodomy sales pitch: "Is this what Obama wants to bring to Africa as a human right, to eat the poo poo ..."

"Obama selling sodomy. Africa ain't bying." (ABS, August 7, 2015). As ABS blogger points out, the main reason for his post is the second video, which is it "not only one of the funniest vids to be seen anywhere, it does make a point and the facial responses of his audience are fantastic."




The problem actually comes back to Pope Francis' doorstep. The Church of Now wants to preach a creative version of I'm OK, You're OK, or, "Who Am I too Judge?" There is a reluctance to embrace the idea that some desires, behaviors, even orientations are simply fundamentally flawed, no matter what the motivation.
A decade ago First Things ran a commentary on gay questions the last line of which was "Honest people repent." I don't think the Catholic Church as a demographic any longer believes that. Sure, the CDF has issued a statement... what, 20 years ago, before all the real controversy kicked into full gear. Since then, it's all "Everyone knows..." When you have to be a celibate cloistered cleric to even begin to think such nonsense. For the moment, I cannot even begin to trust the hierarchy in Rome. Than Heaven there is a paper trail they cannot physically burn, for they are intent on undermining former understandings and practices, not officially, but pastorally. Which is of course the area of import.

Mark Citadel


The sanity of Africans. They're easy to fool up until a point, and this is perhaps a strength of their race. When you start talking total crap, they call you on it.

Amateur Brain Surgeon


It is hysterically funny to hear him describe some of the sickest of the sexual practices of the sodomites before he warns his audience that the kids ought to leave...

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William C.



There were once in antiquity two great cities where those who wished to celebrate their "gay" lifestyle could do so without even a raised eyebrow. They were named Sodom and Gomorrah. They were never even the brunt of "anti-gay propaganda." They were, however, obliterated in a fire storm of divine wrath. And that is a fact, not a piece of "propaganda."

By contrast, the video you have posted is a piece of propaganda, seeking to promote acceptance for a way of life that will sooner or later surely provoke the wrath and retribution of almighty God. His time of mercy is drawing quickly to a close, and the time of divine justice is drawing ever near.

Flee the wrath of God, you fools!