Sunday, August 30, 2015

GQ on Coulbert: "Totally smoking ..." Ha-ha!

Or, says our underground correspondent, Guy Noir - Private Eye, perhaps, with an eye to the pope on the cover of Vanity Fair and Colbert in GQ, the title of this post should read "AMERICAN CATHOLICISM 2015"

See Joel Lovell's GQ article: "The Late, Great Stephen Colbert" (GQ, August 27, 2015), and then this video:

And then there's Bishop-elect Robert Barron's "Stephen Colbert, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Henry Newman, and the Providence of God" (CWR, August 25, 2015), although I something tells me we won't be seeing Bishop Barron making the cover of either Vanity Fair or GQ, as much as he may covet the honor.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

What the country needed was a model for how to see and think and be. Jon Stewart went a long way toward providing that, with his I have no jokes opening monologue and his quiet, contained-rage attack on political opportunism.

The same Jon Stewart who used to meet secretly with Obama?

Political opportunism is the rhetorical finger pointed at conservatives in a media world run by jewish liberals. Try to think of any popular entertainer who could survive were he/she to mock Messias-Deniers, Israel,,Sodomites.

All the men on TV know on which side their bagel is buttered.

ABS i sold-school; he thinks Ernie Kovacs is still funnier than most of our supposedly new greats. Can anyone today invent a character like Percy Dovetonsils?

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

One would have to possess a much higher-level of THC in his dope than ABS could score long ago to even imagine a situation where Mr. Clobert and other actors/performers would march against, Vester Flanagan II, the black man who killed two white people on TV.

Whitey scold-marching against his own race is expected whereas the "Color of Crime" (Yes, Virginia, government stats showing just how wildly savage is the freq and violence of black on white crime exists) is invisible to the media and its stars.

Of course, Vester Flanagan II, will never be a man who becomes the message of black on white violence as that is not the agenda driving the media whereas the search for the great white defendant is unceasing.

Still, take down Old Glory, Mr. POTUS. It flew over slavery legal states for 85 years whereas the beautiful Stars and Bars flew over slavery legal states for only 4 years.

Old Glory made ol' Vester committee his murders the same way the Stars and Bars caused the white murderer to act as he did (Admit it, you knew the name of the white murder in question whereas most can not name the black murderer).