Friday, August 21, 2015

The middle way between being a "Cafeterial Catholic" and a "Feeding Tube Catholic"

John Zmirak, "Catholics: Are You a Cafeteria or a Feeding Tube Catholic?" (The Stream, July 15, 2015): "There is a middle way between haughtily choosing among Church teachings, and lying back like a coma patient ingesting whatever the Vatican Press Office sends you."

[Hat tip to L.S.]

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JM said...

This is perfectly on target. A million votes may contest, but a million more know what is orthodox and what is plainly b.s.

As an example, we are now lectured about our homophobia, in the same breath as we are told the death penalty is immoral.


And, and that John Paul II is a saint. Good grief. He was the guy who mandated the waiving of the miracle requirement!!

And we wonder why so many people have no interest in getting married in the Catholic Church. People who disown their own families are never attractive.

Call me O-V-E-R-I-T.