Friday, August 21, 2015

Maltese bishop: remove communion ‘barriers’ so adulterers can "savor the delicacies of God's love."

"Maltese bishop: remove ‘barriers’ to those who have remarried outside the Church" (, August 21, 2015). The head of the diocese said, among other things:
One is hopeful that in the coming Synod, our Mother the Church, while remaining faithful to the Gospel of the Family, and sustains those families who are “steady” on their feet, seeks to be faithful to the Gospel of God’s Mercy, and as she acted in the remote forgotten past, today succeeds to find the pathways which would enable those who, in spite of the fact that they did not succeed in their first marriage/relationship, and hope in God’s mercy, to savor the delicacies of God love. We should not keep back from releasing the therapeutic energy which Jesus entrusted to us, His Church, to help the penitent sinner who yearns to break free from his past prison and reconcile himself with God and with the Church without expecting him to shoulder burdens which he morally cannot do.
Sigh ...

What were they teaching in the seminaries back when these prelates were in school? Either they are uninformed, or intellectually inept, or malevolent, or simply caving to social pressure. I suppose the most charitable assumption is the latter. Lord, send Malta strong, manly bishops! [Hat tip to P. Borealis]


Anonymous said...

Well then, what about couples who simply "must" use contraception? And those who can only conceive through IVF? Should they be excluded? Where does it end? Is anything a sin....even when Our Lird in the gospels specifically calls remarriage after divorce, adultery. Oh yes, let's open up this Pandora's box and see what a mess we have! I too am a sinner. If the Church doesn't challenge me to holiness, who will? I pray the Church does not start dismantling the gospel.

Pertinacious Papist said...


Thank you for your comments. I understand the meaning of each sentence in isolation; but when I put them together, I'm not sure of your point.

What are you asking, exactly, when you say "Where does it end?" Where does what end? Are you lamenting the proliferation of various sins in our modern world; or are you lamenting the fact that the Church seems to be condemning these sins?

When you say that you "pray the Church does not start dismantling the gospel," what do you mean by "gospel," and what do you mean by "dismantling"?