Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Camille Paglia on Jon Stewart

Via Fr. Z, who, after qualifying his love-hate relationship with Paglia says: "She eviscerates liberals for their hypocrisy. Make popcorn."

[Hat tip to J]

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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Jon Stewart is supposedly "America's most trusted news source" but ABS always considered him a silly sometimes funny extreme leftist and so it was with some satisfaction that ABS learned that the brave free-thinker has been secretly meeting with Obama for quite some time.

O, those brave comedians...He is no different that Jay Leno who used to seek clearance from the council of sodomites before he told any homosexual jokes.

America, a seamless entertainment source of faux news and lickspittle humor all in service to those who really run this crummy country.