Saturday, May 09, 2015

Vatican & the UN "environmentalist" pro-abort agenda

You doubtless know about the Papal Environmental Conference at the Vatican on April 28th hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, which, when all is said and done, looks for all the world like social grandstanding extravaganza mutually exploited by the Vatican and by UN leftists (see, e.g., Rebecca Terrell's "How Green Was My Vatican"). Everything, it seems, from international poverty and overpopulation to human trafficking and modern slavery, and the sexual abuse of children, supposedly can be blamed on environmental problems.

The notable International Child Advocate Elizabeth Yore attended the conference in Rome and offered her incisive rebuttal to the alarmist remarks of "environmentalists" like Jeffrey Sachs and Paul Ehrlich. Yore states, "There is an undeniable, profound moral and ethical schism between the moral teaching of the Catholic Church on life, and the Sustainable Development agenda and its draconian anti-life means promulgated by Sachs and the UN."

If that is true, we have reason to be concerned. If even a third of the concerns raised by Michael Matt's otherwise equally alarmist account of the Vatican event are true, we may have serious a problem.

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