Tuesday, May 05, 2015

"Environmental Gospel" as social grandstanding

Hello folks, it's Guy Noir again, with another happy message for your giddy souls, namely this: 
If the Catholic Church is trying to push the gospel, you could've fooled me -- with this: Thomas Reese, "Encyclical on environment stimulates hope among academics and activists" (National Catholic Fishwrap, April 24, 2015).
This is the same inanity currently infatuating the more avant-garde evangelical community, and it confuses social grandstanding with faith. When the pope and his handyman start sounding like James Cameron and Al Gore, or Ronald Reagan and Dan Quayle for that matter, we have a problem.


Scott W. said...

Although popes are clearly not infallible when it comes to science, Francis is the first pope to have a modern scientific training: He was educated as a chemist and worked as one in Argentina before he entered the seminary.

Because briefly being a chemical technician makes you an authority on any area of science because SCIENCE!

I really pray this encyclical has something resembling sobriety and circumspection.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Ebola, HIV, Crabs, AIDS, and Lice
Are part of nature so to them let's be nice.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The Sister death brother Sun component of the Seraphic Doctor certainly exists - and that is about all we hear of the gear Saint - but there is also his attempt to convert the Mahometans etc

Saint Francis was infinitely more concerned with reverencing the Lord's Body than exercising reverence for His creation.


Wouldn't it be more edifying to read speculations about an Encyclical addressing which Rite of Mass more perfectly fulfills the desires of Saint Francis?

But, one does not expect that from a Jebbie.

Elizabeth said...

On the same topic, have you seen The Remnant's latest video. It's great. Sad but great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r_AW1R0pBY&feature=youtu.be

Pertinacious Papist said...

Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth.