Saturday, May 30, 2015

Homeschooling - The Pro-Family Counterrevolution (Video)

I am an enthusiastic proponent of home schooling. Blaise Pascal was home schooled. J.S. Mill was home schooled. I was home schooled in Japan during my elementary school years. We home schooled our first four children at various stages of their development -- for a few years, all four at once -- and our daughter was home schooled with the help of a wonderful home school co-op called St. Augustine's Homeschool Enrichment Program with the help of a very generous family during my sabbatical a couple of years ago when we needed a "portable" school program that would allow us to spend some time away in Japan.

For these and many other reasons, I was pleased to see this enthusiastic recent discussion by Michael Matt, which begins with a promo for a major film produced by -- believe it or not -- home schoolers:

A terrific apologia (defense) of homeschooling:

Click here to watch:
Homeschooling- The Pro-Family Counterrevolution (VIDEO)

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