Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Irish referendum rejects the Faith

Michael Voris, "The Murdering of Catholicism" (Church Militant, May 23, 2015): 
Dublin, May 23, 2015 ( - This weekend's 2–1 vote by Ireland to lovingly embrace sodomy as a form of marriage proves two points.

The first is the abject, epic failure on the part of the Catholic clergy over the course of decades to transmit the Faith. Bishops refused to discipline various priests who were active homosexuals or sympathetic to the militant homosexual agenda. These traitorous priests slowly but certainly converted the Catholic populace, in cooperation with a high-voltage secular culture, to accept evil step by step.

The repeated refusal of bishops to discipline these clergy contributed greatly to this wicked turn of events. The status quo allowed the culture of death to flourish. Catholic leadership offered absolutely no defense, and in many cases supported the trashing of the Faith.

Homosexual priests abused boys in a Catholic school system that turned the Irish population decidedly against the Church when all was revealed a few years ago.

And that is the second point to consider: This was not only a vote in favor of sodomy, disguised as a human right, but also a referendum on the Catholic Church — and quite frankly, the Church got exactly what it deserved. The leadership betrayed the Son of God, and they are getting their due punishment.

Without a public admission of their sins, a call for forgiveness and resignation of their offices, they will more than likely be punished for eternity in the fires of Hell as well.

They will have chosen their eternal fate every time they looked the other way, allowed an abuse against the truth, covered up a homosexual abusive priest, diminished the Faith by allowing errant catechesis in the parish, permitted an active homosexual to run the nation's major seminary for over a decade (a man who has since converted to the heresy of Protestantism, and is civilly married to his gay lover in California.)

The step-by-step degrading of the Faith is how this happened. But it didn't come out of the blue. Four years ago when we were in Ireland, we interviewed random people on the street and asked them if they still attended Mass. We asked 19 people; 18 did not.

The total collapse of the Faith did not happen overnight.
 The video at the bottom of the page on the original site is very telling.  It was recorded earlier, maybe even a year ago, but it shows the "state of the faith" on the street, so to speak.  And it's about as dismal as the political understanding of the general American electorate, if you know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least Voris can take comfort in Pope Francis' exhortation of the Irish clergy to man up.

John L said...

This was not a failure of the Irish clergy; it was a success. Most of the influential clerics support the gay agenda and have been working to stop Catholics from resisting it.

bill bannon said...

Voris like many can hold Bishops accountable but not Popes. Why weren't Popes disciplining the very Bishops Voris is accusing. St. John Paul II was informed in 1985 that the sex abuse was a brewing storm by a canon lawyer who passed his report through the papal nuncio.
And the Pope at that time was being sued by the parents in the Gauthe case in he knew from that serving also.
Until Popes are held accountable for their particular office by writers etc....we will stumble on. The new death penalty regression e.g. will get people killed as murder victims for centuries into the future. No one even notices in Catholicism that the two largest Catholic populations....Brazil and Mexico....have 20+ per 100,000 murder rates and no death penalty. All of East Asia with a billion poor people has a murder rate of 1.1 per 100,000... largely with death penalties. Europe has low murder but few mistreated poor groups. Worldwide, murder rates are low for two reasons: few poor people ( Europe) or execution as part of a matrix with many poor ( East Asia).

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church is getting what it deserves. Finally!


Anonymous said...

And, for the record, I am deeply saddened by the results in Ireland.


Pertinacious Papist said...

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JM said...

"Pope Francis' exhortation of the Irish clergy to man up"

Please share! I can't imagine it being heartening, but let's see it!

Unknown said...

Ireland's embracing of the homosexual agenda is certainly calamatous; their bad example will quickly spread throughout the western world. Despite this colateral damage it's time to take stock, strengthen what remains of true Catholicism and appeal to Our Blessed Mother through the Rosary that this abomination can be reversed. Remember, as Padre Pio said "The Rosary is THE weapon".