Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The snakes are back in Ireland

Guy Noir's telegram simply read: "The End."  I wondered what he meant, until I received a carrier pigeon message with a print-out of a comment made to a Carl E. Olson article in The Catholic World Report entitled "In Ireland, the old is out and the out are in."

Here's the combox comment:
"Many years ago, the great spiritual writer Dom Hubert von Zeller published a novel about the end of the world under the pen name "Hugh Venning." THE END is a witty book that treats apocalyptic events almost as a comedy of manners, but its plausibility just took another hit. In the novel, only three nations refuse to bow to Anti-Christ: Poland, Quebec, and Ireland. I wonder how much longer Poland will last?"

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GR said...

From Pieper's Guide to Thomas Aquinas: "In 1248 it happened at Paris that a cleric was to preach before a synod of bishops; and while he was considering what he should say, the devil appeared to him. 'Tell them this alone', the devil said. 'The princes of infernal darkness offer the princes of the Church their greetings. We thank them heartily for leading their charges to us and commend the fact that due to their negligence almost the entire world is succumbing to darkness.'"