Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cardinal Sarah: "Don't deceive ... with the word 'mercy'; God forgives sins only if we repent of them"

Matteo Matzuzzi, in Il timone (May 30, 2015), via Rorate Caeli HERE.

Sarah also sees a problem in the new rite of baptism in that it doesn't mention the word "faith." "There's a big problem right there," he says. Interesting.


JM said...

This hits the nail on the head several times. "The church can't speak in the language of the united nations." Earthquake ensues...!

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The very “conceptual model” of sacramentality therefore shifts according to the way God’s relationship to the world is understood – in Rahner’s terms, from one “based on the implicit assumption that grace can be an unmerited gift of God only if it becomes present in a secular and sinful world to which it is mostly denied,” to one which “starts out from the assumption that the secular world from the outset is always encompassed and permeated with the grace of the divine self-communication”: “ The sacraments accordingly are not really to be understood as successive individual incursions of God into a secular world, but as ‘outbursts’ . . . of the innermost, ever present gracious endowment of the world with God himself into history. The material things of creation, as necessary components of the “liturgy of the world,” are by that very fact valuable. The value of material creation is in turn understood and acknowledged in sacramental celebrations, where these things are utilized for the purpose of symbolizing this “primordial” liturgy.49

Dear Doc. You had an excellent piece, sept 14, 2016, that ties into this criticism by the Cardinal although it is depressing that so few of these princes even appear to be aware of these things - thank you modernists.

We refuse to cast off the poison of Rahner, nay, we are forever returning to his vomit like mad dogs in the noon day sun.

There is not much one can do; o sure, Raider Fan has a Priest who will bless Holy Water for his fount for he too knows that when one goes to the vast majority of NewChurch Parishes one dips his fingers in wholly water

Ex opere operato and the fact the Church approved the "revision" of the sacraments reassures us one is Baptised but the modernists/new theologians are diligent engineers forever shoveling their shit into the engine that keeps us roaring down the modernist tracks toward hell and still invisibilium within the Hierarchy is that Prelate possessing sufficient amounts of Tradition that it could be applied against our Inertia Into Indifferentism.

Pertinacious Papist said...


Thanks for the Rahner quotation (great quote); but where is it from?

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Doc. Dang, meant to include it

Is it possible to exhume Rahner and burn him at the stake?

Pertinacious Papist said...


There was a fire in the chapel of this certain seminary in the U.S.A. The fire trucks came and were spraying their water hoses into the chapel. The library was under the chapel. All the seminarians were awakened and told to help save the books as water began pouring down onto the library stacks. One seminarian reached for a set of volumes in a high shelf. One very good priest, one of my heroes, said: "Naw. Leave those." They were by Rahner.

Happy dreams,