Monday, May 18, 2015

The scandal of the German Catholic church, RIP

"Mic'd Up - The German Factions" (Church Militant, May 6, 2015). This diabolical and nepotistic plutocracy wallowing in ill-gained filthy lucre has virtually destroyed the German church. Unbelievable.

Related: "SYNOD BATTLES: Blackmail, Veiled Schism Threats, the Kasperization of the German Church, and the Destruction of Marriage - Document and Analysis" (RC, May 18, 2015) - the nitty gritty.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The Jurisdictional Jerries are only slightly ahead of the curve here. Sure, we think their ideas are radical but today's radicalism is tomorrow's norm.

Raider Fan was thinking about the Opening Speech of Vatican Two (written, it is said, by Montini) which cast a putative gimlet eye upon the world and concluded that pessimism about it was unwarranted.

And what were a few of the things going on back then in those crazy ass times?

Well, there were such events as the two "peace conferences" of John Lennon and Yoko (popular adulterers) who spent a week in bed in Amsterdam and, later, a week in bed in Montreal, for the cause of peace, and they had Timothy Leary and Al Capp and Tommy Smothers etc join them in Montreal and sing a song about Peace (if you listen to it you have some idea why pot was so popular - you had to be stoned to listen to such crap, to say nothing about writing it).

Well, one specific oddity developed by these two world leaders of youth and mass culture was to mail acorns to world leaders with the plea that those world leaders plant the acorn for peace.

Well, how is that significantly different than our Pope organising soccer games for peace?

Former Popes insisted that if one wanted Peace countries HAD to accept Jesus as Messias and legislate with the acknowledgment that He is King an done could not declare evil good.

Nah, the Jurisdictional Jerries are not so radical as they might now seem; they could be the future...

Mark Citadel said...

Kasper will one day be added to the books as one of the most destructive heretics to ever defile the name 'Christian'.

Pertinacious Papist said...

R.F. says:

"... you had to be stoned to listen to such crap..."

Must be why I'm drawing a blank. =)

Anonymous said...

I believe that Vatican II opened in late..ish 1962, not long after the marriage of John Lennon and Cynthia Powell.

Yoka and John became an item somewhere near 1967 ish, I believe. I also believe that Ringo replaced Pete Best in that proximate time and the group, with the four who comprised THE BEATLES, who spearheaded the famous British Invasion, were just around then also beginning to record the music which became BEATLEMANIA.

I was an 8-year old Catholic School, second grader, new Altar Boy around that time who was greatly influenced by the music of those days and by the Ursuline Nuns who taught me in upstate, NY.

I became increasingly less a listener of the Beatles as they became more enamoured with the superficial masquerading as the profound. But, my heart will always melt when I hear the McCartney Tenor in "Till There Was You" and the gorgeous harmonies, I suspect, thanks to the lads voices almost as much as the studio savvy of George Martin, in the ironic, at least to me, "This Boy", sung in the lead by John Lennon.

Just my 2 cents.


For the record the "I'M NOT A ROBOT" requirement is a serious hemorrhoid. The pictures are too small and I am hard of hearing so, I presume, the icon with the earphones will be useless. If you have a choice with this useless appendage of a requirement and jettison it. Now I have had to be tortured twice. This is not fun. It is like being beaten until my morale improves!

RFGA, Ph.D. said...

'Everybody's talkin' 'bout ministers, sinisters
Banisters and canisters, bishops and fishops
Rabbis and pop eyes, bye bye, bye byes'

I'm sorry RF, but not even your best stash could get me to listen to that stupid record again. Of a piece with McCartney's equally pretentious Let it Be. Just what you'd expect from fallen away Catholics, though. They should have just stuck to fast cars and lost loves. Chuck Berry didn't do protest songs.

Anonymous said...

More closer to home for Michael Voris :-
CM,SSPX,MICM deny the Faith to please superiors

Mark Citadel said...

Things seem to be worse in Ireland, where 25% of the clergy are expected to vote for sodomite marriage. Where the heck are the excommuncation orders?

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

John and Yoko and their nut sack, referenced in the "Ballad of John and Yoko;" ...caught the early plane back to London, fifty acorns tied in a sack.. led to the famous peace formula:

No acorn planting, no peace; plant acorns know peace

Charles said...

Re Voris: not to mention the scandal of his associate, Fr. Paul Nicholson, as pointed out by Louie Verrecchio here:

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Dr Allen. Even for trash it was mephitic; on the other hand, Raider Fan remembers you in his prayers.

Besides, as an Irish-Algonquin, raised in the hills and mountains of Vermont, Raider Fan had a flinty refusal to share bred into his bones and so, unless you were a striking strawberry blonde with long legs, then you would never have gotten near his stash :)

pax tecum

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Anonymous. My sympathies. New York was a yankee breeding ground for spiritual lunacy and it is a state deserving of hatred simply for the fact that they changed the name of Lake of the Blessed Sacrament to Lake George; that you surveyed is testament to what used to be a solid, serious, and sobe,r Catholic Church

RFGA, Ph.D. said...

RF, I swear to you that I thought it was 50 egg rolls tied in a sack.' They'd already eaten 'chocolate cake in a bag,' so my 10 year old mind must have thought that there was some kind of food motif going on. Thank you very much for your prayers.