Monday, February 02, 2015

Voris: late Fr. Richard Mcbrien had a "common law wife" while at Notre Dame

Starting at the time signature of 4:50:


Raider Fan said...

Always knew he was a fornicating heretic

what a great episode this was

bill bannon said...

What's missing from Voris' piece like so many why didn't both St. John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger do anything disciplinary to such men for over twenty years.
In a sea of dissent, who was disciplined by them...Curran, Kung, Heinneman and maybe several others. The buck per Truman in most cultures stops at the top ...but Catholic pundit income ( small anyway) lessens if Popes are criticized by them. So God sent Pope break the pan infallibility, impeccable implication about Popes of our media slant. It's helping. People who ignored Benedict's moral insinuations against the source of herem or bans in the OT as man not God ( Verbum Domini 42) because they liked him on liturgy...are now seeing the papacy as partly human

Anonymous said...

And yet he doesn't tell us where we can confirm this "fact." He doesn't even mention her name. Accusation without evidence. Not a good moral thing to do.

c matt said...

Could be worse - at least it wasn't a common law husband.