Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bishop Athanasius Schneider visits USA SSPX seminary, continues doctrinal discussions per CDF decision of Sept. 23, 2014

As reported by DICI HERE via Rorate Caeli HERE:
"These meetings are a way of continuing the doctrinal discussions between the Society of St. Pius X and the Roman authorities « in a larger and less formal context than that of the preceding meetings », according to the decision made during the meeting of Bishop Fellay with Cardinal Gerhard Muller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on September 23, 2014.

"The [February 11, 2015] visit in Winona coincided with the annual meeting of priests, during which 80 priests of the United States District met at the seminary for a week of studies."


Raider Fan said...

It probably is the case that a strategic blunder was made by the Magisterium in entering into these doctrinal discussions with the SSPX, whose Bishops are the very sort of Bishops condemned by Trent vagus Bishops rather than simply insist on visible unity or schism.

The SSPX Bishops have orders but not Jurisdiction and their claim such an existence is in any way in continuity with Tradition is completely ahistorical.

Sadly, the SSPX is never coming home as it would have to repudiate their doctrines concerning the modern Popes and modern Magisterium - teaching error - which is completely at odds with their promotion of and defense of the Oath Against Modernism and their haughtiness is unconquerable.

While Raider Fan prays for a reconciliation, it must be admitted that the SSPX is in their third generation of teaching its acolytes the modern Church is teaching error and that the modern Popes are heretical and that simply will not fly.

The SSPX will go to Rome but only to accept the surrender of the Holy See/Apostolic See/See of Peter, which, as Vatican 1 infallibly teaches, will NEVER fail and teach error.

The SSPX believes and teaches the opposite -that the Holy See/Apostolic See/See of Peter has taught error and yet this scandalous heresy is never identified by Catholics; rather, the SSPX is routinely complimented on its putative fidelity to Tradition.

Mysterium iniquitatis

It must be admitted that Satan has been quite successful (and amasingly clever) in his use of the Trad Mass to cleave men from Rome when one would otherwise have thought that the Real Mass would cleave men to the See of Peter.

Jacobi said...

It really is about time the SSPX were fully re-admitted into ecclesial union. True, at present they lack full communion.

However, their doctrinal position is as the Church's was prior to Vat II. Since Benedict XVI made it clear that Vat II defined no new doctrine at all, therefore, they are in full doctrinal agreement with the Catholic Church and there is no reason at all why they should in any way be considered not to be so.

This is particularly so in the light of the current widespread and increasing heterodoxy which is now widespread throughout the Church amongst laity, priests and bishops, as has been evident in the manoeuvring prior to the second Synod on the Family. In some cases this can now be seen to be objectively heretical.

Apart from any other arguments, since we now apparently are in a period of “pastoralism” where actual details in practise are not so important, and with the numbers of priest in the Western Church going rapidly down the plug-hole at an ever increasing rate, we will need every priest we can get over the next 20/30years, even if some of them are a bit curmudgeonly.