Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kasper with looser lips

In case you missed it: Hilary White, "Cardinal hits young traditionalists who want to ‘be clear in their positions’: calls it ‘the beginning of terrorism’" (LifeSiteNews, February 9, 2015). Read about what Cardinal Marx says here about homosexuals and how he construes the meaning of the Gospel. Appalling.

At the very end, Marx declares:
“This whole pontificate has opened new paths. You can feel it. Here in the United States everybody is speaking about Francis, even people not belonging to the Catholic Church. I have to say: The pope is not the church. The church is more than the pope. But there is a new atmosphere.”
And Guy Noir - Private Eye adds:
There is a new atmosphere. There is no mystery or uncertainty as to this. Silence is confirmation, especially in our age of instant communication. And the fact is that atmosphere matters immensely. The other unhappy fact is that the Pope is most certainly encouraging this atmosphere; the schismatics are encouraging faithfulness.

Here is Cardinal Marx's lecture on YouTube for any of you with the patience and fortitude to listen to it.

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