Monday, February 16, 2015

"Lord Jesus, receive the souls of these Thy martyrs"

The words are those of our friend, canon lawyer and seminarian Tim Ferguson, about the twenty-one Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS radical Muslims. Our President, still in his fantasy world where all religious differences can be settled by reasonable men on a golf course, evidently could not bring himself even to refer to the victims as "Christians" or their killers as "radical Muslims." He called the Coptic Christians "Egyptian Citizens." Indeed. It's a wonder he didn't summarily dismiss the acts as "workplace violence."

If you have a heart, pray for the souls of these Christian martyrs. As one commentator wrote: "Even under the blade, some were making their last prayers and as the blade came to their neck they all cried in unison 'Ya Rabbi Yasou’ (O My Lord Jesus) the caption by ISIS stated 'these insisted to remain in unbelief.'” You should force yourself to watch the video of the beheadings even thought it is brutal. Hollywood movies can be as brutal. But this is real.

Then check out the Christian commentary by Walid Shoebat HERE. Wretched times.
[Hat tip to T.F.]


Larry said...

Brutal. And only thirty-some miles south of Italy. Coming soon to a venue near you!

bill bannon said...

The beheaders may well be in hell right now since Egypt's subsequent bombing killed 40 ISIS according to a Libyan source. Trent's council says we cannot be sure but given that the NT says, " he who destroys God's temple, God will destroy...and that temple you are". I Cor. 3:17 concerning heretical destroying not physical yet by extension, it augurs the fearsome ordinarily for killers words are apt..."The beheaders may well be in hell right now.". If God graced them prior to the bomb, that also is good. Whatever God finally does to each individual ISIS beheader is good.