Saturday, February 14, 2015

10 Blog Blow-bys for Your Consideration

Quality rare gem select, from Guy Noir - Private Eye:
  • Carl Olson, "Abp. Cordileone: 'Catholic schools exist to help young people attain holiness in their become saints.'" (Catholic World Report, February 9, 2015). G.N.:
    "IN SAN FRANCISCO, NO LESS!!! Read the lines about Chastity and the Handbook. Clarity .... from a Bishop....I am almost confused!! I wonder if they need any teachers!"
  • Nathaniel Givens, "The LDS Church and Gay Rights" (First Things, February 10, 2015). G.N.:
    Read the comment by the guy who points out that Christans ARE anti-gay.

    The the subsequent comment in the box: Christians continually talk about opposition to same-sex marriage, but that is a secondary and resultant from their opposition to homosexuality itself. (But "inferior," no, and "immoral" only if indulging in their sexual desires. At least that's the Christian perspective, not one I expect nonbelievers to share). Hence speaking of 'Gay' as an identity sets them up to loose the argument, since 'gay' and homosexual activity are hard to separate.
  • Ross Douthat, "Obama the Theologian" (New York Times, February 7, 2015). G.N.:
    Douthat good as usual.
  • Maureen Mullarkey, "Beauty Bits & Pieces" (First Things, February 9, 2015). G.N.:
    From what patch of Heaven comes this woman dispatched to tweak the ears of 60s theologians and Millennial posers?! I don't know or care, but another great piece.
  • D. G. Hart, "Humbly Separate Church and State In the Name of Christ (of course)" (Old Life, February 9, 2015). G.N.:
    Oh no! I agree with Michael Sean Winters! "I confess I am very wary of the Pope’s addressing Congress." Then again, you have to be a fool to not be!
  • Anthony Esolen, "Treasure in the Basement" (The Catholic Thing, February 10, 2015). G.N.:
    Esolen cavetching again, and right. I do not oppose book-burnign in extreme cases. Extreme cases include 50 Shades of Grey and Gather In.
  • "Balloons Replace Doves at the Vatican" (That the bones you have crushed may thrill, January 26, 2015). G.N.:
  • Damian Thompson, "The march of the new political correctness" (The Spectator, February 7, 2015). G.N.:
    A nice counterpoint to the current blather.
  • Carl E. Olson, "A Tale of Two Bishops" (Catholic World Report, February 9, 2015). G.N.:
    Olson says there is so much he could not share. He shares enough.
  • Carl E. Olson, "More on Merton" (Catholic World Report, February 8, 2015). G.N.:
    Fr. Barron engages in so many imprudent speculations that even his fan club occasionally feels compelled to reign him in. Given their esteem for the man, that's really something. But this was, and is, necessary and helpful.

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