Friday, November 29, 2013

The joy of liberals: seeing Pope Francis bash conservatives

Fr. Z is probably too hopeful in his prognosis about Pope Francis having "won liberal support for his decision not to reopen the question of women’s ordination," just as he is in his cheerful interpretation of the Pope's "strategy" of "dividing the 'c'atholic Left." Yet his 'reading' on the joy of liberals in hearing "Trads to the WALL!" is probably about right:
Liberals are so happy that the Pope seems to be bashing conservatives, that they are ready and willing to accept that women will never ever be ordained.

The “Joy of their Gospel” is to see conservatives get whacked. They are so overjoyed, as a matter of that, that they are willing to sacrifice their flagship.

Yes, you will find a few waayyyy out on the even leftier fringe of their fleet – you know, the Gray Panthers – for whom Francis denial of women’s ordination this is still a problem. But, for the most part, Francis hit their liberal sweet spot so perfectly that they are taking the bitter hit amidships.

“Trads to the WALL!” To them, it’s worth it.

Make no mistake. The Big Issue for liberals is women’s ordination. Francis, the fluffiest and most wonderfullest Pope since Peter has now taken the issue away from them. Read more >>
[Hat tip to C.B.]

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Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Soooo . . . Francis is not only a stealth conservative, he is the most scintillatingly sly and skillful conservative strategist in the Church's history. All that liberal bumpkin badinage -- part of the plan, man! The modernists are clearly in disarray, if not panic. Don't they know they have been played by the Argentine master manipulator? Der Panzerkardinal's thin lips break into a barely perceptible grin: so the pupil has outdone the master! The modernists are his little ball of yarn!!