Friday, November 29, 2013

Roundup of all the reactions to Evangelii Gaudium: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Over at Against the Grain (November 29, 2013). The reactions are all over the place. Some are great. Others amusing. Still others, just pitiful. Have a look and see for yourself!

[Hat tip to C.B.]


Anonymous said...

John Allen notes, "There's a deeper sense in which 'The Joy of the Gospel' stands in clear continuity with ...Benedict XVI... In effect, both documents amount to full-frontal assaults not on Catholic doctrine or discipline, but on contemporary Catholic sociology."

Yes, and if you change sociology, change in doctrine and/or discipline WILL follow. Hence the disingenuous nature of a pastoral council. It is all linked together: change one area, and you have laid the groundwork for changes elsewhere. Michael Davis called them time bombs, but the Popes since Vatican II have not set them off but dusted them off, deactivated the detonators, and instead quietly disseminated their contents like pixie dust or fertilizer across the Church. To the point we now have exhortations that use Catholic terminology to upbraid us for being Catholic. All with a smile and a nod to "Joy."

AMazing. We have to build a new Catholicism. Is it just me, or is this exactly parallel to Obama wanting to build a new America. In both cases, the voices don't explain just what it is they are talking about, or specifically what was wrong with what is there.

Hope ans Change. ANd Joy. Hmmmm.

I am not Spartacus said...

Fr T at Renew America responding to the Drug-Addled Viagra-Gulping Serial Adulterer, Rush:

Contrary to what many modern public school textbooks currently tell our children, capitalism was actually created during the high Middle Ages and, as Michael Novak wrote in 2003, Catholicism is what created it.

Mr. Novak was as wrong in making that claim as he was when he was pro-Birth Control Pill and Pro-Unjust War in Iraq; as a Neo-Con he has certain standards he must live down to.

Capitalism began in England with the theft of Catholic Church Property and Catholic Social Doctrine is the cure for those who entered into intellectual intercourse with the enlightenment, whig history, and the calvinism of judaised protestants.

If men like he and the sodomite Fr Sirico (Acton Institute) are authentic exponents of Catholic Social Teaching, why do the Calvinists, Pro-abortionists, big corporations etc, fund their libertarian heresies which are so effective in succoring state-sponsored usury?

These phonies are sappers whose task it is to pipe the tune of their anti-Cathoic paymasters; you know, there is a reason why Acton opened an Institute in Rome and the reason for its opening is not to teach seminarians and young priests what the Catholic Church Teaches about Economics but to undermine that teaching.

Now that is just the common sense conclusion as to what calvinists usurers intend to do - undermine its enemy the Catholic Church - unless, of course, you imagine that Calvinist Usurers really believe in Catholic Social Doctrine.