Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Obama quietly moves to further silence and marginalize Catholic Church

Fr. Z has a poll posted at: "POLL: Obama closes the US Embassy to the Holy See" (November 27, 2013):
As you have probably heard, The First Gay President, who also brought you the “AFFORDABLE” Care Act’s HHS mandate, is going to close the embassy of these USA to the Holy See. I didn’t really care much about this story at first, but I thought about it a little more. And I read this which presents an interesting juxtaposition HERE:
The same week that Obama gives the imprimatur of legitimacy to the Islamic rogue regime of Iran and sanctions their nuclear weapons program, he closes the American embassy to the Vatican.
Moreover, many of the former ambassadors, including James Nicholson and Mary Ann Glendon, think that this is a bad move.

Nicholson said:
“It’s another manifestation of the antipathy of this administration both to Catholics and to the Vatican – and to Christians in the Middle East.”
Some say that this move is a “slap in the face”.
"Next up, I would expect to see Obama push to reduce the status of Vatican City at the UN."

"[T]he best reaction to the closing [was] given by Clinton’s ambassador to the Holy See, the last Catholic mayor of Boston, Democrat Ray Flynn:
“It’s not just those who bomb churches and kill Catholics in the Middle East who are our antagonists, but it’s also those who restrict our religious freedoms and want to close down our embassy to the Holy See,” Flynn told the National Catholic Reporter."
"First, we stab the Israelis and the Catholics in the back. Next, we make kissy-kissy face with the Iranians."


Ralph Roister-Doister said...
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Pertinacious Papist said...
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I am not Spartacus said...

I cant say much in favor of the Zionists who want to kill Iran. If, in a decade, Iran gets a Nuke, Israel will still have MANY more of them and Israel remains committed to the Samson option.

E. Michael Jones has been trying to cultivate a coalition of Catholics and shi'ites in opposition to The Capitalist powers of America and The EU.

In Culture Wars he notes that the New York Times continues to editorialise about the new axis of evil - Iran, Russia, and The Vatican owing to their collective opposition to abortion.

What Obama seems to desire is less consequential than what big money desires.