Friday, November 01, 2013

"Pope Francis, the Devil, and Us"

Ralph Martin, S.T.D., "Pope Francis, the Devil, and Us" (Catholic Pulse, October 31, 2013):
The world’s press and the blogosphere have been abuzz for several months now with comments on how frequently Pope Francis talks about our enemy, the devil. Not only does he talk frequently about the devil, but he talks in such a way that indicates he actually believes in the devil’s existence and daily relevance to each of our lives — as should all faithful and well-formed Catholics.

There has been such an atmosphere of skepticism in the world, and in some places in the Church, about what could be called the “biblical world view” — what Jesus and the Apostles actually believed about the world — that Pope Francis’ frequent comments on the reality of the devil come across to many as shocking. But belief in the devil and his work to destroy souls is an integral part of the biblical revelation and is authoritatively taught by the Church (see Catechism of the Catholic Church, 391-395).

It's a good article, even if it skirts many of the concerns surfacing in this blog and other venues.

[Hat tip to E. Echeverria]

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