Thursday, November 21, 2013

Leading traditional Catholic writers of the 20th Century

  • Amerio, Romano (1905-1997) Italian
  • André, Fr. Michel (1915-2000) French
  • Barbara, Fr. Noël (1910-2002) French
  • Bonneterre, Fr. Didier (1954-2010) French
  • Bourmaud, Fr. Dominic (? )
  • Caillon, Canon Pierre (1916-2011) Belgian
  • Calmel, Fr. Roger Thomas, OP (1914-1975) French
  • Castellani, Fr. Leonardo (1899-1981) Argentinian
  • Charlier, Andre (1895-1971) and Henri (1883-1975) French
  • Clement, Marcel (d. 2005) French
  • Correa de Oliveira, Plinio (1908-1995) Brazilian
  • Coache, Fr. Louis (1920-1994) French
  • Corte, Marcel de (1905-1994) Belgian
  • Crane, Fr. Paul, S.J. (1910-1997) English
  • D'Ors, Eugenio (1881-1954) Spanish
  • Daujat, Jean (1906-1998) French
  • Davies, Michael (1936-2004) English
  • Ducaud-Bourget, Fr. François (1897-1984) French
  • Dulac, Fr. Raymond (1903-1987) French
  • Elías de Tejada, Francisco (1917-1978) Spanish
  • Fraser, Hamish (1913-1986) Scottish
  • Gambra, Rafael (1920-2004) Spanish
  • Georges de Nantes, Abbe (1924-2010) French
  • Gherardini, Canon Brunero (1925- ) Italian
  • Gomez Davila, Nicolas (1913-1994) Colombian
  • Guérard des Lauriers, Michel Louis, O.P. (1898-1988)
  • Hardon, Fr. John, S.J. (1914-2000) American
  • Hildebrand, Dietrich von (1889-1977) Austrian
  • Houghton, Fr. Bryan (1911-1992) English
  • Jaki, Fr. Stanley, OSB (1924-2009) Hungarian
  • Kentenich, Fr. Joseph (1885-1968) German
  • Kuehnelt Leddihn, Erik von (1909-1999) Austrian
  • Lefebvre, Archbishop Marcel (1905-1991) French
  • Madiran, Jean (1920-2013) French
  • Maeztu, Ramiro de (1875-1936) Spanish
  • Marrero, Vicente (1922-2000) Spanish.
  • Massis, Henri (1886-1970) French
  • Mattei, Roberto de (1948- ) Italian
  • Mosebach, Martin (1951- ) German
  • Orlandis, Fr. Ramón, SJ (1873-1958) Spanish
  • Ottaviani, Alfredo Cardinal (1890-1979) Italian
  • Ousset, Jean (1914-1994) French
  • Quenette, Luce (1904-1977) French
  • Radaelli, Enrico (1944- ) Italian
  • Saint-Pierre, Michel de (1916-1987) French
  • Salleron, Louis (1905-1989) French
  • Sinke Guimaraes, Atila (1946- ) Brazilian
  • Thibon, Gustave (1903-2001) French
  • Vallet de Goytisolo, Juan (1917-2011) Spanish
  • Vazquez de Mella, Juan (1861-1928) Spanish
  • Vidal, Francisco Canals (1922-2009) Spanish
[Hat tip to Sir A.S.]


rubyroad said...

Father Paul Crane, S.J. 1920-1996
Hamish Fraser 1913-1986

Pertinacious Papist said...

Thanks, Rubyroad. Added your suggestions.

Robert Allen said...

Father John Hardin, S.J.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

BTW, Erik von Kuehnelt Leddihn and Hamish Fraser were recruited to write for NR by the old collectivist, William F Buckley. The former had a regular column.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Thanks Mr. Allen. Just added.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Atila Sinke Guimaraes
Fr Dominic Bourmaud

And an honorable mention to good old John Vennari for the most hilarious book ever written by a traditionalist Catholic, "Close-ups of the Charismatic Movement"

Pertinacious Papist said...

Ralph, do you (or any of you) have any source I could link to for basic biographical data (place and date of birth, etc.) on Fr. Dominic Bourmaud -- or, for that matter, for John Vianni?

Embajador en el Infierno said...

On the hispanic front I would suggest:

Juan Vazquez de Mella (1861-1928), Spanish

Ramiro de Maeztu (1875-1936), Spanish.

Eugenio D'Ors (1881-1954), Spanish

Fr. Ramón Orlandis, SJ (1873-1958), Spanish

Francisco Elías de Tejada (1917-1978), Spanish

Fr. Leonardo Castellani (1899-1981), Argentinian

Vicente Marrero (1922-2000), Spanish.

Rafael Gambra (1920-2004), Spanish

Juan Vallet de Goytisolo (1917-2011), Spanish

All these names are probably not that well-known in the anglo-saxon catholic world, but in the Spanish-speaking catholic portion of this Earth the past century just cannot be conceived without them (and the rest of the names already included in the list).

I concede that the first two are perhaps more 19th century types, but their influence on the rest is key.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Thank you, Embajador en el Infierno.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Also, anyone who knows, please feel free to correct any mistakes in forms of alphabetization. I'm not always familiar with the conventions of some Latin countries.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Sorry PP, I was unable to find any birth-death information on Bourmaud and Vennari.

Bourmaud is an SSPX priest who has assisted with priestly formation in SSPX seminaries all over the world. I think his current post is Kansas City, Missouri. He has written several books, including one that I value highly, "One Hundred Years of Modernism."

Vennari is a one man army in the field of trad Catholic journalism. If you delve into the subject at all, you can't escape him. Among other things, he has been an editor of the Catholic Family News. I value his knowledge of his subject, his pugnacity, and his unsinkable good nature. And I'm not kidding: in addition to being an expose of scandal that is tolerated and even promoted within the Church, "Close-ups of the Charismatic Movement" is a genuine hoot.

Andrew said...


Joseph Hilaire Belloc, 1870-1953
Gilbert Keith Chesterton, 1874-1936
Frederick D. Wilhelmsen, 1923-1996
L. Brent Bozell Jr., 1926-1997
John Senior, 1923-1999


E. Michael Jones, 1948-
John C. Rao, 1951-
Thomas Storck, can't find Mr. Storck's birthday.

I'd also question the inclusion of Fr. Jaki, as by his own admission his interpretation of Genesis was a break with the traditional teaching of the Church Fathers.


Andrew said...

also Thomas Molnar, 1921-2010.