Wednesday, November 06, 2013

For the record: an important article on the Vatican "lobby"

"Don Ariel and the most powerful lobby in the world: Catholica interviews Don Ariel di Gualdo -- Questions about a lobby ..." (Rorate Caeli, November 4, 2013). Excerpt:
The progressive champions of dialogue and collegiality use aggression and coercion against anyone who thinks outside of the “ religiously correct.” It is always possible to make light of the dogmas of the Faith, to deconstruct them according to an anthropological logic, but woe to those who dare place in doubt the “sacred” and “infallible” character of the magisterium exercised by some theologians imbued by Hegel and the theology of Karl Rahner - thoughts that lead them alongside modernism and heterodoxies of every type: that [type of] man will be banned from this united and powerful “clique” in the Roman Curia as well as from the Pontifical Universities.

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