Saturday, July 02, 2016

The common allies (and enemies) of Brexit and Vatican II

"The Theology of Brexit" (Old Life, June 30, 2016) sees Massimo Faggioli as reminding us that Vatican II and the European Union are part of the same cultural moment; that the ties between Vatican II and the EU are even closer in the minds of traditionalist Roman Catholics; and points to Damon Linker's suggestion that aspects of Angela Merkel’s responsibility for the circumstances that led to Brexit could also be applied to Pope Francis, who is perhaps the post-Vatican II pope that most embodies Vatican II.

[Hat tip to JM]


Catholic Mission said...

There must be Catholic internationalism based on an ecclesiology which is the same before and after Vatican Council II

Catholic Mission said...

JULY 9, 2016

We need a Brexit from Vatican Council II ( Cushingite) an international Catholicism based on an exclusivist ecclesiology