Monday, July 18, 2016


This just in from Guy Noir - Private Eye:
What believers might consider amidst the colors of wind.

A seasoned word from an African-American minister (Hampton U and Westminster grad!) about witness and cultural relevancy:

the original “BLM” ideology, which started as a rally cry and grew into an entity, has given rise to a cult with its own doctrines and demands for faith. It now extends beyond the original entity, blending with other belief systems in a syncretistic manner as it exports its own iconography, its own language, and its own heroes for veneration. Honestly, I am more concerned about this syncretistic subculture than I am about the original “BLM.” It is an infection that is finding its way into Christian communities.

"Reflections on Black Lives," (Prophets of Culture, July 16, 2016).

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