Monday, July 04, 2016

"Learning to Love Leviticus"

An older post worth reading, by John Barach (Theopolis Institute, December 9, 2014). As Guy Noir says:
Point 2 especially should strike a chord with us. Canon law, the Latin Mass, indulgences, St. Rose of Lima.... Yes, as freshly-scrubbed and World Youth Day-ready as we all want to make the faith appear, we all also know that at its base it is both amazingly true-to-life and relevant and at the same time foreign, otherworldly, and weird. No matter how many interviews we set up between atheists and popes...
Yes, worth reading.

I had a professor once, whom I eminently respect, H.E. Runner, who used to suggest that most Christians get the Bible wrong by trying to read the New Testament as though that alone were their Bible. Exaggerating to make his point, he would say: "The New Testament is nothing more than an appendix to the Old Testament to show us that its promises come to be fulfilled."

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