Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Orlando: gay-on-gay violence?

Steve Weatherbe, "Was the Orlando massacre an instance of gay-on-gay violence?" (LifeSiteNews, June 24, 2016):
June 24, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Now that Orlando mass killer Omar Mateen’s alleged homosexual lover has come forward to claim Mateen was taking vengeance against Hispanic gays after being badly treated in carnal relations, we can have a new place to categorize the shocking event: gay-on-gay violence.

Unless, that is, President Barack Obama’s FBI can erase all copies of “Miguel’s” testimony from Youtube and from our collective memories, like it scrubbed out all the Islamic references from Mateen’s 911 call he made from the nightclub.

Even before Miguel showed up, we had a wealth of culprits: there was the gun lobby, the lax gun laws and the abundance of “assault-like” rifles they permitted in America; there were conservative, Christians whose allegedly “homophobic” beliefs encouraged the mass killing, and, of course, there was the category the president tried to suppress: that Mateen’s was another act of Islamic jihadism.

Of course, we’ve only got Mateen’s word for that. Though many, call them “Republicans,” may be excused for thinking that Obama’s effort to suppress Mateen’s word substantially increases its credibility.

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Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile we look in vain for examples of Christians blowing up Muslim buses, or bombing gay clubs. "

What about the bible quotes used by Bush as he blew up Iraq? What about the gay club shooting in Mexico shortly before the Orlando event or the Admiral Duncan incident in London some 20 years ago?

Is it news that homophobic crimes are committed by repressed homosexuals or people struggling with homosexual urges? The trouble is that religion tends to exacerbate the neurosis of such criminals.

Michael Leahy said...

Bush's invasion of Iraq was legal, if misguided. Most of the murder and mayhem in Iraq was perpetrated by various Iraqi factions. What evidence, other than your own opinion, can you offer to support your assertion of religious exacerbation of neurosis?