Thursday, July 21, 2016

The coming Christian collapse: something most of us will live to see

Rod Dreher, "The Coming Christian Collapse" (The American Conservative, July 15, 2016):
Christianity in America is strong in pockets, but mostly its strength is only apparent. It is a façade that will come tumbling down when social conditions are right. This is something that most of us Christians will live to see. This is something that few of us Christians will have prepared for.

And when it happens, our bishops, leading pastors, and senior laymen will be like the GOP Establishment in the Age of Trump, left to wonder what in the hell happened.
One reader comments:
What we are witnessing in the Republican Party is precursor to what we are witnessing in the Church.

Wait, did I say precursor? How Republican is Trump? Well, how Catholic is Francis if we want to be frank? Outrageous? No more so than "Love and do hat you please." If you have any appreciation for what Augustine might have actually wanted to convey. But who cares about that if you can score press points!
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le bourgeosie gentilhomme said...

have lived to see.

Catholic Mission said...

Coming Christian collapse?
This Irish priest says he thinks Medugorje is the saviuor of the Irish people and many are coming back to the Faith.

Irish priest says he saw 'the sun change' at Medugorje

Then there is also hope if the traditionalists first get their act together.

Imaginary cases are an impediment to proclaiming the Catholic Faith clearly