Monday, July 25, 2016

Indeed. Where does one start?

David Warren, "Where Does One Start?" (The Catholic Thing, July 22, 2016):
In my own experience -- the only experience I have -- it is not easy to explain Catholic beliefs. The condition is progressive: it becomes more difficult every year.

... The Greek and Roman world was, to a remarkable degree, capable of reason, and of being reasonable. It had many attitudes incompatible with those the Christians were expounding; but it had also the habit of listening to an argument. ... it is easier to lay foundations, and build upon, hard ground. Christianity advanced the cause of reason; but reason also advanced the cause of Christianity.

... The world we face today is not like Greece and Rome. It is much more like the ancient East: a swamp in which reason finds little purchase. In order to evangelize, we must forego leaps. We must not assume premisses shared by all men of reason and good will. We must start with the very premisses.
[Hat tip to JM]

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