Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pope: All of Amoris Laetitia is 'sound doctrine'; & death penalty isn't

See John-Henry Westen's discussion HERE, where he shows Pope Francis doubling down on Amoris Laetitia and banning the death penalty as excluded by the Decalogue prohibition of murder.

[Hat tip to JM]


bill bannon said...

The Pope on saying the death penalty is forbidden by " thou shalt not kill" puts up a roadblock to conversion for all those Protestants that actually know the Bibile better than he does....starting with evangelicals at 14 years of age. " Thou shalt not kill" is in chapter five of Deuteronomy and the very same God mandates numerous death penalties in Deuteronomy 13 and 19. We are a laughing stock to anyone who has read scripture cover to cover. God has permitted this Pope because we have hyperbolized the importance of Popes....particularly his two predecessors. This is punishment.
On an empirical level, the largest Catholic population is Brazil which has c.50,000 murders a year with no death penalty ( Austria has 40 murders a year)...Brazil has a murder rate with the no execution solution of these last three Popes that is 24 times the rate of death penalty China which has even more poor people than Brazil has. China is pro life in this one restricted instance and three Popes are getting poor people murdered. Austria has few poor thus few murders. Where there are majority poor, there are high murder rates without the death penalty with the south pacific islands being the one exception. These three Popes did no research which would have shown them that Catholic northern Latin America with no death penalties has a regional murder rate that exceeds 20 times the rate of largely non Christian, but death penalty East Asia.
From 1972 to 1976, the US Supreme Court studied death penalty deterrence studies and concluded that the death penalty, even with its US excessive ten year average for appeals, deters not passion murders but premeditated murders...the kind that savages Mexico...the second biggest Catholic and non death penalty country.
Intelligent Protestants will have greater difficulty converting with Pope Francis' rampant ignorance of scripture....try Romans 13:4 also.

Unknown said...

"All of Amoris Laetitia is sound doctrine" please.

Catholic Mission said...

Double speak from Signatories: Appeal to Cardinals